Assam Flood | Situation in Hailakandi starts to improve


Finally Hailakandi has taken a sigh of relief as the flood situation has finally started to improve. Deputy Commissioner Adil Khan said that the flood situation has improved and water has gone below the danger mark in all three major rivers.

“The situation has improved greatly. Only 60,000 out of three lakh are still affected. There are people in only 31 relief camps out of 145, as people have started returning to their homes,” said Khan.

However, the situation in Algapur of Hailakandi district has not improved.

“We have started damage assessment. The public works department will assess the damage to the roads, the water resources department will take care of embankment breach, and the revenue staff will look into the damage to the houses. We would try and rehabilitate people as soon as possible,” added Khan.

Torrential rain, landslides and flash floods recently wreaked havoc in several parts of North East India, claiming numerous lives in Manipur, Assam, Tripura and Mizoram. The flood had claimed 20 lives in Assam.

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