Assam Floods: Situation worsens


The flood situation in Assam is only worsening with each passing day. With rains showing no signs of surrendering, water levels rising and flowing above the danger mark have put the people of the state at peril.

More than 70,000 people have been affected across upper and lower parts of the state. Jorhat, Golaghat, Dibrugarh, Nalbari, Chirang, Majuli have been the worse affected among other districts.

In Chirang, rising waters of Aai River has submerged several villages such as Dababil, Debarbil and Madarpur among others. Villagers have been completely cut off from the rest of the state. Simultaneously, there is also shortage of food and drinking water due to the flooding of the area. The locals have alleged that the administration has not taken any measures to act on their situation.

Meanwhile, Brahmaputra has taken a devastating turn as water is now flowing above danger mark in Samaguri’s Laokhowa area. These rising waters has also led to erosion gutting huge areas of agricultural land.

Barpani River in Kampur is terrorising the area submerging several villages into the water. The Karbi Langpi Hydro Electric Project has been compelled to release waters into the river from four of its gate due to excessive water being collected into its reservoirs. Majgaon, Longjap, Kheroni, Lutumari, Juripar and Panditghat among others have been devastated by the flood.

The heavy flow of the flood waters has consequently led to embankment breach in Lahorighat. The ring embankment on the Brahmaputra at Tengaguri’s Kasarigaon has been breached flooding several villages and risking lives of many residing there.

On the other hand, Majuli is looming under terrible flood conditions. The Subansiri River has wreaked havoc in the district. Roads and houses have been washed away by the swift flowing waters.

In the lower part of the state, Tihu and Burhadiya River have submerged many villages in Sarthebari, Kalatali and Batiya. The breach in embankments has let in heavy flow of water in the area.

The embankment on the Mora-Pagladiya River has also been breached again wreaking havoc on the villages located near the river.

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