Assam Girl Rescued in Chennai

In another case of alleged human trafficking, a 14-year old girl from Assam was rescued by a team of police in Chennai who was kidnapped by two juveniles.

According to reports, the police nabbed the abductors and handed over to the police team from Assam on Friday.

Report also says that the abductors were taken to an observation home for boys. The girl was found by a team of Government Railway Police (GRP) and they contacted the police in Assam.

Meanwhile, police registered a case against the abductors at Golaghat station under Section 366 of the Indian Penal Code.

The girl was however, sent to a government home in Mylapore in Tamil Nadu after she has been rescued.

The GRP, after being informed by Assam police regarding the kidnap had circulated photographs of the girl and her kidnappers along with the copy of the FIR registered in Assam to all police personnel. After receiving the information, the members of the GRP team conducted thorough check in all the compartments of the Coromandel Express.

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