Assam Govt Issues fresh SOP for Air Passengers


The Government of Assam has issued Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Air passengers who depart from Assam within 72 hours of arrival saying that they need not have to undergo quarantine following certain conditions.

Following conditions have been issued for the passengers by the state government:

1. The visitor will be provided a copy of return ticket indicating his/her departure within 72 hours

2. The visitor shall provide a swab sample for the Rapid Antigen Test immediately on arrival. If the test result is negative, he/she shall be allowed to proceed. If the test result is positive, he/she shall have to undergo isolation/treatment as per the COVID-19 protocol.

3. In case of symptomatic visitors, he/she shall undergo RT-PCR testing also, even if RAT result is negative and shall remain in isolation till the result is declared.

4. The visitor shall comply with all hygiene and social distancing norms during the period of his/her stay in Assam.

5. In case, the visitor exceeds the 72 hours time frame of stay, he/she will face penal action and shall be placed in quarantine, as per extant norms.

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