Assam Govt. issues Picnic Guidelines


The government of Assam has issued a notification for a decentralized and self-sustaining mode of Picnic management regulations by means of constituting the District Picnic Monitoring and Supervisory Committee (DPMSC).

As per the notification, the Deputy Commissioners of all districts shall act as the Chairman of the DPMSC, which shall have members from the departments of Home, Forest, Health, Finance, Tourism, PWD along with the Urban Local Bodies, and Disaster Management Authorities.

The DPMSC shall notify the picnic spots within the district keeping in view the aspects of environmental safety, sustainable tourism, minimum interruption in the residential areas, schools, hospitals and any means of transport along with public safety.

The picnic parties shall have to abide by the rules and regulations issued by the DPMSC and disobedience of the same shall lead to penalty.

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