Assam Govt. Prepares Assam School Education Act, 2019 Bill


The Assam Government has prepared the Assam School Education Act, 2019 bill by including all the private, government, provincialized, government-aided schools for the teachers and educational institutes.

The draft of the bill says that all the teachers in the state should serve in rural areas and in the educational institute which are in remote areas for at least 5 years or more. It has also been mentioned that educational institutions should be provided with the necessary education.

The draft policy also stated that the schools will be rationalized and the additional teachers will be sent to the schools with fewer teachers compared to students. It also says that the teachers should provide education to each and every student in the school and that the teachers of higher classes should provide education to lower class students and that the lower class teachers will be trained by upper-class teachers.

The education act will be brought to effect in order to improve the education system of the state and to provide education to each and every student in the schools.   

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