Assam Govt to Act Strict on Violation of Lockdown Relaxation


Assam Chief Secretary Kumar Sanjay Krishna warned the citizens that any violation of the lockdown relaxation will lead to strict action.

In a tweet, Krishna said, “Any violation of the lockdown relaxation terms, shall be dealt with strict actions against the individuals, establishments, businesses, car & scooter drivers and passengers including cancellation of licences. FOLLOW SOCIAL DISTANCING AND STAY SAFE @CMOfficeAssam @assampolice.”

The state government on Wednesday also announced more relaxation in businesses and works, for the bank employees, warehouse employees, and other emergency services.

Earlier, on Wednesday, state health minister Pijush Hazarika also announced that the government will implement a law on mask-wearing. He said that if any person comes out in public places without wearing a mask, he/she will have to impose a penalty of Rs. 500 and might face a jail term.

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