Assam Govt. tricks Motor Vehicles Act


Assam Government cleverly drops all the punishment against the Police and Transport officials, who will enforce the new Motor Vehicles Act. The Original Government of India act says, fine for the offence committed by them under the act is double. But not in Assam.

The clause 210B of the Act stated: Any authority that is empowered to enforce the provisions of this Act shall, if such authority commits an offence under this Act, shall be liable for twice the penalty corresponding to that offence under this Act.

As mentioned in the clause, any enforcing authorities, i.e. Police and Transport authorities will have to pay double the penalty if they commit any offences.

Mysteriously, the clause was missing in the notification issued by the Assam government.

It may be mentioned here that under the new act, driving without the licence will be fined at Rs. 5,000, violating air and noise pollution Rs. 10,000, driver or passenger without seat belt Rs. 1,000, carrying children below 14 years without safety belt/child restraint system Rs. 1,000.

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