Assam has 3,95,688 ghost people!


Everyone in Assam have some or some opinion about the NRC’s all figure. There are strong opinions for for and against every figures. By August 31, everyone will come to know about the final exclusions in the NRC.

But surprisingly for one particular figure no one has any opinion. Nor anybody seems to  be bothered about that figure.

That is the figure of four lakh people who were excluded  from NRC but did not reapply for inclusion.

Who are they? Where they have gone? Why did not reapply for inclusion in the NRC?  Are they not aware of their fate? Are they too poor to come even NRC office ? Are they ghosts  or simply they have gone with the winds?

No one in Assam cares.  There are petitions, counter petitions, affidavits and even 25 lakh signatures were collected overnight demanding re-verification of the NRC, only to be rejected by the Supreme Court. But not one statement could be seen about these people.

The state is silent, so is the stake holders like Assam Public Works, All Assam Student Union (AASU) or the ruling cliché of BJP,RSS and their ancillaries.

Why all of them have no interest on these four lakhs?  No answer. Since they have not re-applied, that means prima facie they are foreigners who most likely will not even contest their case in Foreigner’s Tribunal. 

Now the biggest question is – what will happen to them?

Will they be found out and kept in a detention centre?  Or they be allowed to live where they are living now making mockery of Rs 1500 crore NRC where 40,000 people worked for four years. At present in the dirty lanes of politics surrounding NRC, no one has time to bother about those 3,95,688 who have accepted themselves as foreign nationals living illegally in Assam.

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