Assam made Bamboo Bottle storms internet


This eco friendly bottle developed by an IIT-Dhanbad alumni from Assam have stormed the internet since it made its debut last Friday.

Made of completely of bamboo, this natural bamboo  bottle is in the Rs 400-Rs 600 band with, with various sizes. It has a cork and  like any other bottle the water can be safely kept without the chance of leaking.

Being a natural product, the water remains cool and hygienic and being studry it can be taken anywhere. The plastic bottles are very bad for health and in summer can not be used it become hot..

The man behind this innovative bottle is Dhritiman Bora of D.B industries of Biswanath Chariali while Mousom Bora,  a product of IIT Dhanbad which was formerly known Indian School of Mine, helped him in reaching out the world market by handing his ecommerce platform

The bottle is the best and most popular product of  his stable as 10 people are working in the factory as well as managing online delivery. However he accepts that local people are still not aware of the eco friendly aspect of day to day products.

Dhrtiman  is determined to stick to this and not join the rat race and do something for the state.

Along with Mousom Borah, they are producing the bottles and other bamboo products  under D.B industries while he is reaching out to a wider market through e-marketing platform . Mousom can be reached at 8811899171.

“I am trying to redefine the natural and raw choice of people through We are trying to Make all the products easy available to your doorstep with little amount of digitisation.Flow and vibrant with the natural products and “say no to plastics” – said Mousom, determined to bring in new daily use products of bamboo besides the conventional ones.

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