Assam model accuses designer of sexual misconduct


It seems the #MeToo movement has finally reached Assam as number of prominent faces of the State have started to open up about cases of sexual misconduct.

A supermodel from Assam, Kawaljit Singh Anand, has accused fashion designer Vijay Arora of inappropriately touching him during a party.

In a Facebook post, describing his side of #MeToo incident, Kawaljit wrote, “All this because I had pushed him away when he was trying to touch me inappropriately outside a party venue and while I was walking away angrily he told me categorically that he will make sure I never do any of the fashion weeks”.

Following his confession, Kawaljit became the first male model in the country to open up about cases of Sexual misconduct after well known model Diandra Soares recently expressed her side of the story.

Kawaljit  also revealed that the designer sent him ‘nasty’ messages whenever he would ask him for payment for the shows done for the Vijay and would  threatened him of not letting him walk for Lakme Fashion Week ever again.

Recently two of Assam Congress’ most visible faces, Juri Sarma Bordoloi and Bobeeta Sharma, had also opened up their mouth and claimed that many times during their long political career they had faced sexual abuses.

Both the ladies without naming any one said that it was common for the party men to try sexually abuse women inside the party and they faced repeated attempt in their life.

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