ASSAM: ‘Nishpaksh Samachar’ denies viral rumours its Journalist tested Covid19+


Guwahati-based Hindi newspaper ‘Nishpaksh Samachar’ on Tuesday denied rumours of its journalist tested positive for coronavirus. In a statement, Editor Promod Tewari clarified that the said person is Publisher of the newspaper.

“Some TV Channels and Web media have been airing a news item portraiting Mr Prahlad Agarwal as first Covid positive journalist from Guwahati. Here we would like to clarify that Mr. Agarwal is Printer & Publisher of Nishpaksh Samachar. He seldom comes to our publication house. We condemn the news. It may be treated as false or fake news”, Editor Tewari said.

Agarwala resides in Tarun Nagar Bylane No 5 at Jiva Nihar Apartment.

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