ASSAM: No scarcity; enough supply of essential commodities to last 3 months: KCC

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Assam has sufficient essential/edible items at least for the next 3 months

The Kamrup Chamber of Commerce (KCC) has requested the trading fraternity of the district saying it is our moral and social responsibility to continuously maintain supply chain of food grains, edible items etc all over the State & region to avoid any scarcity in towns and villages.

It also requested to all the citizens and traders to open their shops by taking all necessary precautions while maintaining social distance, sanitization, avoid overcrowding and unnecessary movement, etc for safety of every one.

Earlier on Wednesday, the KCC urged the traders to shut down their shops and offices for the next three days and remain under quarantine Following detection of 15 more people in Guwahati’s Fancy Bazar area. The areas were TRP Road, Kedar Road, MG Road,  HB Road, Chamber Road, MS Road, MM Road , SRCB Road and all internal roads connected to these areas. 

“Thank you all for maintaining 3 days of home quarantine in Fancy Bazar area by entire business community and residents of the area to ensure safety of everyone. It was very necessary to make sure that the market is not at risk as there was chance of people getting in contact with people diagnosed as Positive”, KCC said in a statement.

Being our social responsibility, we also have to ensure that supply chain is not disturbed anywhere in the State and region. KCC ensures all the citizens that Assam has sufficient essential/edible items at least for the next 3 months. There is no scarcity of any item and there are enough goods in transit too. KCC requests everyone not to panic and not resort to panic buying, said MP Jain President of Kamrup Chamber of Commerce (KCC).

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