Assam observes Kati Bihu


Assam observes Kati bihu, also known as Kongali Bihu  on Thursday. The Bihu is celebrated during relocation of the rice sapling during the month of October.

Kati Bihu is celebrated on the Sankranti of Ahin and Kati Assamese calendar months and is the second Bihu in the Assamese calendar . Earthen lamps are lit before Tulsi plants at homes and in paddy fields.

Like the other Bihus, this Bihu is also linked to agriculture and marks the period when granaries are running low and farmers work hard in the fields for a good harvest.

Kati Bihu is observed among the Assamese community by lighting an earthen lamp in the farm with a branch of rice plant so that people do not suffer from shortage of food.

Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal wished the people on the occasion and prayed for good harvest.


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