Assam officials hiding wards

Several Assam Government high officials have kept their foreign return wards under wraps and have not informed the authorities risking the entire Government as these officials are working in close proximity with Chief minister and Health minister.

According to a senior source from the state government, at least a dozen wards of the Commissioner level officers returned from abroad where they were studying following the coronavirus outbreak.

“They have whisked away and taken home. Many of them have claimed that they had kept their sons and daughter in self-isolation but none of them has informed the health authorities nor they have cared to take the health workers to examine them” said the source.

The worst is that these Commissioner level officers have been working in the state secretariat with close proximity of the Chief Minister and  Health Minister.

This is noteworthy that West Bengal got its first COVID-19 patient from a son of an IAS officer who had hidden his travel history and in the process infected four other people.

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