Assam: Onion Prices Skyrocket Again, Touches Rs. 70/kg


The price of onion has once again touched sky-rocket price leaving customers teary-eyed with some states witnessing a retail price of Rs. 90 per kg while in Assam it has gone up to Rs. 70 per kg.

While the prices of onions touched Rs. 80 per kg in August and September, prices have again shot up due to a shortage, triggered by unseasonal rainfall leading to crop damage in the main onion growing zones in Maharashtra.

According to reports, the average price of onions at the benchmark Lasalgaon wholesale market was at Rs. 55.50 per kilogram. Traders fear a further spike in onion prices as a high amount of crops have been damaged by the unseasonal November rains.

Rains have been battering the key onion growing zones over the last two weeks and an Indian Express report indicated that extensive damage to onions was caused by the rains in Nashik, Ahmednagar and Pune.

With the scarcity in production, the prices have soared in the market and the retail price of onion varies from Rs. 70-80 in Assam while in other states it touched even Rs. 100.

Onion prices around the country had only recovered last month, but it seems that customers will again have to pay exorbitant rates for the bulb. Prices of onions are in the range of Rs 60-90 per kilogram across the country.

With prices fast approaching Rs 100 per kilogram, it can be concluded that there has been a four-fold rise in onion prices during the last three months in the wholesale markets. As a result, retail prices of onions have seen a sharper jump.

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