Assam Police carrying out community engagement programmes ahead of publication of NRC draft


In order to avoid misunderstanding and keep a strict watch on social media the Assam Police is carrying out community engagement programmes ahead of the publication of the final NRC draft.

The police’s intention is to prevent build-up of any sort of fear psychosis in the society after publication of the final draft of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) on July 30, said Assam Director General of Police, Kuladhar Saikia.

“We are doing community engagement programmes to avoid any misunderstanding and lack of faith on the system. Our teams are regularly meeting village elders, student leaders and respectable persons in communities,” said Saikia.

“We are doing lots of campaigns in this regard. Police is visiting markets, village haats for this,” Saikia said, adding that there is no tension as such.

The DGP has also informed that Assam Police is also keeping a strict vigil on social media so that no fake news or hate massage is circulated.

“We have requested all communities to remain alert for this. We have launched a campaign on social media to avoid any provocative message by anyone. We are directing much of our focus to social media,” said the DGP adding, “We are trying to make people aware of social media platforms as an interactive place for all. It should be used for positive purpose”.

Further the DGP asserted that they are not expecting any untoward situation post-July 30. No person with vested interest will be allowed to play his game. If anyone tries to create any problem or takes law into own hand, he will be dealt with iron hand.





(With inputs from PTI)

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