Guwahati Police responds to tweet, rescued starving labourers

Responding to a Tweet , a team of Guwahati Police sprung into action and traced out three migrated labourers stranded and starving with no food and money at Baragaon area in Guwahati.

The factory, where the labourers worked at was shut and they had no money and food to survive. The Twitter user tweeted about their condition on Sunday evening tagging some journalists and Assam Police.

The matter was brought to the attention of the Commissioner of Police, Guwahati M K. Gupta who instructed the Beltola police station to trace out the labourers.

Immediately after that Guwahati Police reached the location and provided dry ration to the labourers till the lockout period and assured all help.

The owner of the motor workshop where they were working was also not being able to help them and the labourers were heading towards certain starvation.

The quick step of the Guwahati Police was hailed by the Twitterati.

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