Assam Police Rolls Out Helpline, Other Initiatives To Tackle Cybercrime

The Assam Police launched three initiatives that would help the law and enforcement agency in handling cybercrimes.

On Monday, Director-General of Assam Police, Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta inaugurated the Cyber Forensic Lab cum Training Centre, the Citizen Financial Cyber Fraud Reporting and Management System and distributing Cyber Crime First Responder Kits at the CID headquarter in Guwahati.

A 24×7 help desk has been set up with the helpline number 155260 in CID, for the Citizen Financial Cyber Fraud Reporting and Management System.

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“If any victim of financial cyber fraud would, without delay, calls this number, and provides the required details, then the operator of the help desk would immediately upload the details on the system,” a PTI report stated.

The bank/ wallet/ merchant, which is also part of the portal, will receive the information and if the money has not left the system, it will be blocked by the bank or the financial intermediary concerned, the report stated.

Thereafter, an automatic message would be generated and sent to the complainant to lodge a formal complaint at within 24 hours.

The laboratory under the Cyber Forensic Lab cum Training Centre, which was inaugurated by the DGP, is a part of the CCPWC (Cybercrime Prevention Against Women and Children) Scheme of the Ministry of Home Affairs and was set up at a cost over Rs 3.92 crore at the CID headquarter.

The Cyber Crime First Responder Kits costing Rs 13. 53 lakh each, have been procured under the MOITRI (Mission of Overall Improvement of Thana for Responsive Image) scheme and will be distributed to 245 police stations of the state reporting high cybercrime cases.

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