Assam Police Warns Against Fake News With ‘Avengers: Endgame’


Assam police in a step to raise awareness about fake news on social media, shared a creative post using a Avengers: Endgame reference.  Assam Police on Thursday shared an altered version of the poster of the film on its official Twitter handle, and the tweet is winning netizens over with its clever wordplay and creativity.

“It’s Thor’sday and the Avengers are assembling. Just like Thanos, fake news is threatening our planet and its snap could affect the entire population not just the half,” they wrote, further adding, “It’s time to believe in the hero inside each of us and bring fake news to its #Endgame, whatever it takes.”

The tweet comes ahead of the release of the Marvel’s movie. However, instead of the “Avenge The Fallen”, Assam Police’s tweet reads “Have you fallen for the Fake news?”

Since being shared online, the tweet has collected over 162 ‘likes’ and more than 72 ‘retweets’, along with a dozens of delighted comments from fans of the Avengers.

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