Assam Poll Results 2021: Mahajot Receives Maha-Shock

Mahajot receives ‘mahashock’ in Assam as BJP is not only heading for a runaway victory but it has left Mahajot way behind to emerge as a ‘joke’ after their various dramas of horse-trading and resort politics.

The way counting has been throwing the lead, the Mahajot will be very lucky if they touch 50 seats, which is still one seat short of the last time.

The Mahajaot was wiped off expectedly in Upper Assam but the big news is that in lower Assam also, the voting was completely turned on religious lines and Hindus voted in favour of BJP candidates propelling them to lead in many seats where they were not expected to do favour.

The Mahajot, till last night, was dreaming of forming the government and in fact, internal jockeying had started for the next Chief Ministership. Now they are not being able to hide their face as they can not blame EVM malpractices, since in neighbouring West Bengal despite all-out efforts by the BJP, the TMC showed them their place.

But in Assam Congress-AIUDF-BPF Mohajot have to crash land after a three-month-long high-pitched drama led by Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel.

The campaign did not pay any dividends and they in fact could not hold on to the result of 2016.

In fact, APCC President Ripun Bora is trailing after the 4th round in the Gohpur constituency.

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