Assam Polls: Guwahati Records Lowest Voter Turnout Till 5 PM


Kamrup Metropolitan has so far recorded the lowest voter turnout across all districts during the third phase of the Assam Assembly election which is underway.

Comprising four constituencies in Kamrup Metro, Dispur has registered a 59 per cent voter turnout, Gauhati East has recorded 55 per cent voter turnout while, both Gauhati West and Jalukbari has registered 64 per cent.

Notably, the constituency having the highest number of electors in the third phase is Dispur with 607 polling booths having 4,11,636 electors.

The total voters in 2021 has gone up to 11,37,376 in the district. 52 Dispur constituency has the highest number of electors at 4,06,556 (2,02,423 Male, 2,04,121 Female, 12 Third Gender); follwed by the 54 Gauhati West constituency with 2,92,131 voters (1,44,645 Male, 1,47,478 Female, 8 Third Gender). The Jalukbari constituency has 2,02,400 voters (99,804 Male, 1,02,585 Female, 11 Third Gender) and the 53 Gauhati East constituency has 2,36,289 voters (1,17,214 Male, 1,19,064 Female, 11 Third Gender).

The district has 1,707 polling stations – 1,204 main polling stations and 503 auxiliary polling stations. 297 stations are there in Jalukbari, 607 in Dispur, 353 in Gauhati East, and 450 in Gauhati West. In accordance with the Covid-19 protocol, more than 1,000 voters will not be allowed in any main polling station, and the excess voters will be sent to its adjacent auxiliary polling station. For the election a total of 148 sector officers and 24 zonal officers have been appointed in the four constituencies.

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