Assam Receives 1,50,000 Doses Of Covishield For 45 Years & Above

Assam Health Minister informed that the state has received 1,50,000 doses of Covishield vaccine for all citizens 45 years and above on Saturday.

Moreover, the state also received 35,990 doses of Covaxin for the age group 18-44 years yesterday, the minister said.

In a daily bulletin published in the Twitter handle of the health minister stated that up to June 12, 47,57,998 doses have been administered to beneficiaries, of which, the first dose of 38,40,614 Covid vaccine jabs have been dispensed to the people, while,  citizens have been inoculated with a total of 9,17,284 second doses.

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On Saturday, 84,031 doses were administered to concerned beneficiaries.

The minister also informed the state has adequate vaccine stock of 5,23,950. 3,56,530 vaccine jabs are available for 45 years and above, while, 1,67,420 doses are stocked for the age group between 18 and 44 years.

The minister also asserted that the state government has formed 2,000 teams to vaccinate three lakh people in the state every day.

Mahanta said the Health Department is now focussing more on administering the second dose to people in the 18-44 years category, while the drive for those above 45 years of age is also underway.

The health minister said that the government will be able to administer the second dose of Covaxin to 1.92 lakh people in the 18-44 years category within the stipulated time frame.

Meanwhile, 6.06 lakh people of the 12-lakh population of Guwahati have already been vaccinated, he added.

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