Assam Receives 71,950 New Covaxin Vaccination Doses

Assam received new sets of Covid-19 vaccines on Tuesday.

The state has received a total of 71,950 doses of Covaxin today.

As per sources, the vaccination doses received on the day is for the age group 18 to 44 years.

Earlier today, State Health Minister Keshav Mahanta shared a tweet informing about the new Covaxin doses received.

The tweet from the Health Minister reads, “#VaccinationDrive #AssamCovidUpdate We have received 71,950 doses of #Covaxin today for the age group 18-44 years.



Assam had faced real scarcity of Covid-19 vaccines in the past. The Assam government had to stop giving the first dose of Covaxin to all eligible persons with immediate effect due to scarcity of the vaccine produced by Bharat Biotech.

Previously, when the state faced a scarcity of vaccination doses,  Assam Health Minister Keshav Mahanta said, “Due to problems with supply of Covaxin, we have decided to stop administering first doses of it in the state for the time being. We have around 150,000 people who got the first dose and are due for their second doses. They will be given their second doses within the 42 days’ time limit.” As per the latest vaccination update given by National Health Mission, Assam- the state has received a total of 48,89,179 vaccination doses.

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