Assam Reeling Under Scorching Heat


The scorching heat is burning the citizens of Guwahati with least expectation of rainfall and if this heat continues for long then the citizens will have to witness the worst summer.

According to Indian Meteorological Department, Guwahati, a maximum temperature of 39.00 degrees Celsius has been recorded on Monday. However, according to report, rain or thundershowers might occur towards evening or night.

The other parts of Assam and Northeast have also witnessed extreme heat in the last few days with less rainfall.

On the one hand people are unable to beat the heat and on the other, the electricity board has harassed the people with the frequent power cut in the city making it a nightmare for residents.

The increase in consumption of electricity had subsequently triggered technical malfunctions resulting in frequent power cuts at various locations of Guwahati.

To beat the scorching heat people are relying on cold drinks, Nimbu Pani, Daab (Coconut water), sugarcane juice etc. and along with quenching the thirst the business also marked a good income with the increase in sell. One of the vendors said, “Maximum people prefer sugarcane juice as it is a natural drink and not harmful and in this sizzling heat people take drinks to quench their thirst. Cold drinks have soda and other ingredients which is not good for health but drinks like sugarcane juice, nimbu pani are natural for which people consume more. I earned Rs. 300-500 bucks daily and sometimes it becomes more when the weather becomes hotter.”

According to India Meteorological Department (IMD), heavy to very heavy rainfall is expected at isolated places of Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram and Tripura on Monday. Heavy rainfall is also expected to occur on Tuesday in Assam and Meghalaya.

However, the heatwave which the region will face this summer will be more fierce than the rest of the country, according to weather officials.

“The temperature is not very high here, but high humidity contributes to the discomfort factor in the Northeast. Unlike the northern part of the country, which has a much drier weather, the Northeast heat causes more irritation and perspiration,” the official said.

7 Day’s Forecast
Date Min Temp Max Temp
12-Aug 29.0 39.0 Rain or thundershowers would occur towards evening or night
13-Aug 27.0 35.0 Generally cloudy sky with one or two spells of rain or thundershowers
14-Aug 26.0 35.0 Partly cloudy sky with possibility of moderate rain or Thunderstorm
15-Aug 25.0 34.0 Thunderstorm with rain
16-Aug 25.0 34.0 Partly cloudy sky with one or two spells of rain or thundershowers
17-Aug 26.0 35.0 Rain
18-Aug 26.0 35.0 Rain
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