Assam reeling under soil erosion threat


Several villages across Assam have been under the threat of erosion from the Brahmaputra river following the beginning of the rainy season this year. The situations of soil erosion in different parts of the State including Laharighat, Hajo and Sipajhar have turned completely severe as several bighas of land, houses, trees and plants have already been lost in the erosion across the State in last few days.

Laharighat area under Morigaon district has been hit by large-scale erosion of the Brahmaputra. Similarly, the Kuruwa village under Sipajhar is recently under the serious threat of erosion from the Brahmaputra river.

“We have been witnessing erosion in this place since last decade. Many of us have lost their houses and properties to erosion. The governments have not taken any firm measure to control the situation,” said a local of Laharighat area.

Meanwhile, the increasing reports of soil erosion from various parts of the State have been also causing serious threats to several embankments. Also, in an unfortunate incident a person had to lose his life at Burhi Dihing River on Tuesday while passing through the bank of the river. A block of land mass fell into the river taking the person along with it.

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