Assam reels under increasing floods


With incessant rains in various parts of Assam as well as in the neighbouring country of Bhutan, several areas across the state are now reeling under floods. Various rivers have turned destructive with the increasing waters.

Many villages in Hatisingimari, Tihu, Baksa, Lakhimpur, Banderdewa, Tamulpur, Rangiya and Dhemaji have already been submerged in the rising waters of various rivers.

Waters of the Beki River in Baksa, Gabhoru River in Lakhimpur and Tihu River among few others are increasing at an alarming rate.

In a similar instance, sudden increasing waters of the Jiyadhal River has submerged a school during classes in Dhemaji.

The Na-Ali Gyanjyoti English Medium School has been submerged in a sudden rise of water in a channel of the Jiyadhal River this morning.

According to reports, there is almost two feet high water that has accumulated in the school premises, leading water into the classroom during ongoing classes.

The water had stirred a situation of panic among the students.

The incessant rains has also led to occurrence of artificial floods at various parts of the state.

Meanwhile, the increasing water of the Burhi-Dihing has led to erosion in Moran causing threat to land of the people residing on the banks of the river.

Each year Assam witnesses terrible situations due to the destructive floods and it only worsens with each passing year. And there are our leaders at the state capital and at the centre who are yet not fed up of the blame game. Amid all these, it is the people of the state that have and will suffer and also live to see the aftermath of the floods.

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