Assam: Remote Areas In Morigaon Facing Horrors Of Flood Since A Week

Nine areas of Morigaon district have been inundated by the flood waters of Brahmaputra and its tributaries. Hundreds of houses from villages in Mayong and Bhuragaon revenue circles in the district have already been hit by floods. Vast agricultural land has been submerged. Hundreds of bighas of agricultural land of “Shali dhan” have been damaged.

The flood has blown away the houses of people. Since a week now, these people are surviving drinking the muddy flood waters. More than 200 families are sheltering with cows and goats at Gasbari shelter camp of Mangaldai and in Kataguri of Mayang under the open sky. The administration is reportedly not taking stock so far from the flood affected people.

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Asomiya Pratidin Exclusive

Hundreds of houses have been flooded in parallel with the brahmaputra’s erosion. It will be sad to see the plight of 200 families of Gasbari and Kathguri char who are sheltering on the roof of inundated houses. Those people are in an indescribable environment.

Asomiya Pratidin Exclusive

Two families are taking shelter on the boat with young children in their arms. An environment that cannot be interpreted by words. The people of this area do not get any help even if water is flowing through the roof of the house.

The Darang and Morigaon district administrations have been looking at them through the eyes of a step mother. Road connectivity has been cut off from places due to submergence in vast areas of Mayong. Their fields have overflowed with rainwater. Several forest camps in The Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary have been hit by floods.

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Asomiya Pratidin Exclusive

Forest camps like Tamuli Dova, Haduk, Shildubi, Diwanrang, Khalabhuna, Kushian, Kamarpur etc. and the water bodies have overflowed with water. However no damage has been reported in the sanctuary to wild animals so far.

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