Assam Sahitya Sabha to issue ASSBN


Like International Standard Book Number (ISBN), literary organization Assam Sahitya Sabha has decided to generate a unique numeric commercial book identifier “ Assam Sahitya Sabha Book Number”  (ASSBN) in Assamese books.

The new decision was taken in an assembly of Sahitya Sabha’s steering committee.

It may be mentioned that other than Assamese language, Assam related various books published in English, Bodo, Hindi, Bangla would be eligible to get the numeric commercial book identifier ‘ASSBN’.

Assam Sahitya Sabha will create an E-group by its 50,000 members.

On the other hand, a Digital book storage will be launched by the literary organization very soon.

As per press release of Sahitya Sabha the ASSBN certified books would also be indicated by particular colour and to implement this drive appropriately, Sabha will form a high-level committee.

Sahitya Sabha has taken the endeavour to strengthen the Assamese literature.

In this regard, Assam Sahitya Sabha has urged feedback  and suggestions through their email contact [email protected]




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