Assam Singer Raises Money For NH-38


Assam singer Pathar Shilpi Lohit Gogoi was seen collecting money near the Tirap Colliery in Ledo, Tinsukia today as a protest against the government, which is paying no heed to the dilapidated condition of roads starting from Powai to Tirap Colliery, under the Margherita LAC.

The pathetic condition of the NH- 38 passing near the Tirap Colliery is such that even huge vehicles with good ground clearance cannot pass the road without being hit, by the edge of the potholes, underneath the vehicles.

Gogoi sang songs along with a harmonium in order to collect money from passers-by, with which he bought stones to cover the potholes on the road.

It may be noted that this highway is strategically important and is part of the Stilwell road. The road is in such bad shape for three years but the government seems to put a deaf ear to the plight of the people commuting on this road every day.

During dry weather, the road becomes dusty to such an extent that it becomes difficult for the commuters to see what lies ahead, in turn converting the road into a death trap. On the other hand, during the rainy weather, which is mostly the case here, water accumulates in the potholes causing almost knee deep water which again turns into another death trap.

Meanwhile, the constituency’s MLA, Bhaskar Sarmah had to write a letter to the Union Minister (Road Transport and Highways) demanding the repair of the aforementioned road. If the road is not repaired before the onset of monsoon, the Margherita-Jagun communication will be completely disrupted

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