Assam Snakebite Expert Dr. Surajit Giri to Attend Oxford University Special Discussion

A renowned snakebite expert, Dr. Surajit Giri hailing from Sivsagar, Assam has received an invitation on behalf of Oxford University to participate in an online special discussion.

As per reports, Under Dr. Surajit Giri’s supervision, more than five hundred toxic snakebite patients have recovered so far.

Dr. Giri stated that both the national and international snake experts are collecting figures of Pit Vipers for a serious examination.

He further added that international scientist, Dr. Anita Malhotra who conducted a research on Pit Vipers, is going to publish data regarding the same in Sivsagar as well as Assam at the University of Oxford on August 25-27 at the Venom and Toxin Conference.

Dr Giri also informed that they in the future will try to provide assistance or medicinal help in every village that gets trapped by the pit viper.

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