Assam spinning out of control?


Assamese vs Bengali, Hindu Vs Muslim, Bodo Vs Assamese, Assamese vs Assamese….

Is Assam spinning out of control with the overplay of emotion before the Lok Sabha poll or is it going through a series of experiments of a political laboratory which is programmed not to stop till the desired results are not reached.

The way things are unfolding in the past one week, it is certain that chemical agents of the political laboratory test are mixed, tossed with different permutation and combination in a bid to get the desired results.

With Lok Sabha poll announcement expected on March 6-7, Assam has been placed under the political laboratory of the RSS-BJP and the microscopic surgeries of its society are vrey much underway.

After failing to make the NRC results Hindu versus Muslims, it was turned to Assamese vs Bengali with moderate success and now it is Assamese versus Assamese bringing in the non political forces to the center stage, stumping out the Political Opponents even before the battle for the Lok Sabha poll begins.

With the BJP state president Ranjit Das threatening menacingly following Tinuskia attack on the BJP district President, the BJP workers will be more aggressive today which will results more skirmishes something the ruling establishment is espousing for political polarization.

Moreover the NDFB court order is going to further create problem as they have already made it Assamese versus Bodo blaming the Judiciary and Government to be lenient with Assamese Militants but hard against the Bodo militants.

So now everyone are expecting more polarization in the coming weeks as Lok Sabha poll draws closer.

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