Assam struggles to enforce Lockdown


Assam may have been holding by the thread to remain one of the few corona free states of India but the biggest problem at this moment is not corona but how to enforce lockdown.

Throughout the state, the administration is busy enforcing lockdown but it has struggled to make a balance between the distribution system of the essential commodities and the adventurism of lockdown breakers.

In the Guwahati city, an ad hoc system of vegetable distribution was attempted but in the markets, the social distancing has been compromised and on the roads police remained tough, sometimes touching brutality.

Meanwhile, the Medical colleges of Assam have started training sixth and eight-semester students of the MBBS degree to fight corona to prepare about 700 students as the second line of defence in case of coronavirus spread in Assam too.

So far it has been holding and all 210 tests have been negative so far. With movements completely closed the potentially affected parsons have been isolated with the complete war-like situation.

In the rest of the country, the policymakers are closely monitoring the progress. in the past three days, the average new confirmed cases were around 80 plus. “If this holds around the same figure for the next few days, we can say that lockdown is working. So far it is good and not spreading to community level” said a health official of Assam Government.

Meanwhile, 3000 sets personal protection equipment has been airlifted today as the state has roughly around 500 sets and each day in every hospital the peak requirement shall be around 50.

“But the biggest problem remains the adventurism of the common people who are not used to sit inside the home. Many have come out and endangering the situation and for which the Assam police have to be strong’ said DGP Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta.

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