Assam Surgeon Performs Live ‘Robotic Surgery’, Gets Praise Globally

Dr. Subhash Khanna, an eminent surgeon from Assam, has been able to successfully perform live robotic surgery during a webinar on Friday.

Dr Khanna performed the live robotic surgery in the presence of 250 surgeons from around 60 countries including USA, Russia, Spain and Bangladesh. He also answered to many queries related to the surgery during the webinar.

Dr. Khanna was praised for the successful robotic surgery he performed.

Dr Subhash Khanna

In the webinar, ‘Versius’ robot performed live surgery on a female patient who was being operated for gall bladder.

So far, over 110 successful surgeries were performed since the purchase of the robot in February 2020. With this robot, a surgery can be performed from a distance of 3 to 10 meters.

There are a total of 12 such robots across the country, the first being in Pune, the second at Nasik Hospital and the third at Swagat Hospital in Guwahati.

The robot was bought at a cost of Rs 20 crore from Cambridge Medical Robotics, Surgical (CMR) based in the UK.

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