Assam takes stride for new party


To form a new regional party for the greater interest of the state, a preparatory convention of Ancholikotabad Suraksha Manch has been organized in Vivekananda Khetra on Sunday.

This initiative was led by Lachit Bardoloi, Anup Chetia, Arup Borobora, Kamal Nayan Choudhury.

Except some leaders, many dignitaries have come forward are from non political background as all realize that there is urgent need for a regional; party encompassing the tribals and Muslims of Assam.

It may be noted that there are quite a bit of positive buzz as all thinks that AGP has failed to keep their promises and that space should be occupied by the new regional party.

In the meeting, it was seen that all are optimistic that new party with good people from AGP and other background can flourish and hope of the regional parties can be reflected.

It is assumed that the Manch will take a few more months for a full scale convention for launching the party.

Senior Journalist Ajit Kumar Bhuyan, Lawyer Nekibur Zaman, Anjan Sarma, Noted film maker Jahnu Barua, Columnist Brojen Deka and many dignitaries attended the programme.

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