Hima’s personal coach flying in to Jakarta

Jakarta Asiad

Hima’s personal coach Nipon Das is flying in to Jakarta to be with her during the most crucial days of her three athletic events.

“Yes I am leaving tomorrow morning so that by 22nd August morning I should be near her. Her first event is on August 25” said Mr Das.

Although Indian women athletic contingent is being coached by foreign coach, bt both AAFI and Hima think presence of Nipon will make all the difference.

Nipon is her first formal coach and she is closes to him and always be in touch almost on every day.

“My fiel for clearance is in Chief Minister’s Office and I am sure that will be clared. I already have ticket and going to fly out” said Mr Das confident of a podium finish for Hima.

Hima is contesting in 200M, 400M and 4x400M. her strongest chance of winning a medal is 4x400M. However Nipon Das was confident that Hima would have more than one podium finish.

Meanwhile if you want to see our own Hima Das setting the stadium of Jakarta on fire, make sure that you get up soon from the bed to catch the action as she is running her qualifying races in the morning hours while Semifinal and final in the evening hour.


Hima is a medal contender for all her events. But point of concern is that between the 200M final and 4x400m qualifying races she will have less than an hour to prepare. This may considerably damage both the events. Hima is better for 200m but a medal contender for 4x400m relay with she playing the sheet anchor role.


The AAFI tried to change the schedule but it was not allowed by the Asian Games authorities. However Hima sounds positive and she was confident of doing well in both.

Here is the full schedule of Hima Das. All timings are in Indian Standard Time(IST).



400 m

August 25 : Round 1-0700 IST: Semi Final 1755 IST; Final -1630 IST(Aug 26)



August 28 Round 1- 0615 IST: Semi Final 1500 IST : Final 1500 IST(August 29) ;



August 29 Qualifying -1600 IST : Final 1730 (August 30)

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