Assam Woman Sent to Detention Camp Despite 1951 NRC Links


Dolly Roy, a resident of Assam’s Golaghat district on Wednesday was sent to Jorhat Detention Centre after she failed to attend the National Register of Citizens (NRC) hearing on three occasions.

It may be mentioned here that Roy was served with the NRC hearing notices thrice, however, owing to failing to attend in any of the hearings due to medical emergencies, an ex-parte judgment by the Golaghat Foreigners’ Tribunal sent her to the detention camp on Wednesday (June 12).

It is worth mentioning here that the requisite documents for NRC are authentic in Roy’s case and the same have been verified by the NRC officials as well.

She has been served the notice as she failed to appear for the hearing on three occasions.

Even though Roy’s family produced medical certificates, but the NRC officials said that she had to stay at the detention camp till June 20, 2019, until further notice is served.

Roy’s family have alleged that even though their names appear in the 1966 electoral rolls, the NRC officials have ‘made up their minds’ to declare Roy as a foreigner.

They further said that the tribunal rejected Dolly Roy’s papers linking her to the 1951 National Register of Citizens.

Roy’s lawyer Debabrata Pal said a bail application would be moved for her release from the detention centre.

Roy is a resident of the Ward Number 6 of Golaghat.

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