Assam’s Educational channel ‘Gyan Brikshya’ available on Jio Tv


The government of Assam has launched a local education channel “Gyan Brikshya” on May 25 and is available through cable channels of GTPL and Prag channel (available through cable, not on satellite).

Jio has now tied up with the Assam govt and the channel will now be available on JioTV. The channel will be used for academic purposes and classes will be conducted by various expert teachers. There will be both live and recorded classes as per the academic calendar.

The benefits of hosting GYAN BRIKSHYA channel on Jio TV are as under :

  1. Students can watch the contents easily on a mobile phone instead of depending on a TV unit. (Smartphones or even Jio Phone is capable of showcasing Jio TV).
  2. Assam has approx. 80 lakh active subscribers of Jio services and around 400 million users across India.
  3. Out of 700 channels on Jio TV – 52 channels are dedicated to Education – hosted by Min of HRD (Swayam Prabha), Min of IT (DigiShala), Govt of Gujarat (Vande Gujarat), Skills Development (Million Lights).
  4. 7 day catch up feature that allows students to repeatedly watch telecast content any number of times for the next 7 days.
  5. The channel schedule is managed by Govt of Assam – Department of Education and Social Welfare.
  6. Live programs (classrooms) can be integrated within the same Gyan Brikshya channel
  7. The same channel can host programs in Assamese, Bengali, and Bodo languages – besides English.
  8. Our offer to offer additional channels to launch classwise content remains valid.
  9. And, all of this offer is free of cost – for Govt of Assam as well as for our subscribers, across the country.
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