Assam’s quarantine facilities struggling to cope up


Is quarantine failing in Assam?

The way the Corona is spreading in Assam, latest is 319, it looks like there are some issues with the standard operating protocol in the Quarantine facilities as every day the exponential jump of COVID positive patient is getting higher and higher.

One of the basic reason is the avalanche of people coming in from outside the state and number is so huge that various receiving points cum quarantine centres have become flogged with huge numbers.

In most of the centres, the usual difference between reporting time and actual allotted rooms or beds in both institutional and private capacities were around 7-9 hours.

What has worried most that with this rate Government will have a serious problem of quarantine facilities f the reverse migration is not slowed down. Very soon Government will exhaust all facilities as almost all hotels and institutional spaces have been requisitioned.

Unless the people stop coming back, one can not blame the authorities for this exponential growth in the last one week. At this rate, Assam will be looking at four-figure corona positive by the beginning of the next month.

Fortunately, most of the positive cases were mild  and ICU beds were relatively unused so far.

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