AWAHAN Theatre on the stage of Bangalore


After wowing audiences with some great plays over the years, Awahon Theatre gets a chance to carry its stage success in Bangalore.  Krishna Roy, the producer of the theatre group got invitation from the greater Assamese community in Bangalore.

The 3 plays namely ‘ MOI MUR SWALI, MADHURI MUR NAAM & MOKORAJAAL are performed by Awahon Theatre at the doorsteps of the garden city of Bengaluru. Mokorajaal was scheduled on April 26, Madhuri Mor Naam on April 27 and Moy Maa’r Sowali on April 28, stated a press release.

According to sources MOKORAJAAL was showcased yesterday, which gathered a huge audience.

The play ‘Mokorajaal’ is a thriller .All the actor and actress’s performance were talk of the town on the first play ‘MOKORAJAAL’.


The writer and director of the three plays is Abhijit Bhattacharya while the producer is popular theatre artist and cine star of Assam, Prastuti Parashar. ‘Madhuri Mor Naam’ is a women-oriented play. On the other hand, ‘Moy Maa’r Sowali’ is a family drama based on twin sisters where Prastuti Parashar plays double role. The lead cast of all the three plays is Prastuti Parashar, Jessy Bakshi and Prayashi Parashar.

Earlier Kohinoor Theatre was the only theatre party to be invited outside Assam. But Awahon Theatre will become the first theatre party to be invited by Non-Government organization.

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