Backstories of Jersey Numbers


In today’s world, Cricket has achieved the standing of the second hottest sport after soccer. Once a player debuts his career; he/she is given a cap, that shows that the player has become a specific number’s player for that country.

In the same means, a cricket player bears a jersey that includes a variety on its back facet. In this article, we have explained how the jersey number of cricket players is assigned.

Role of ICC and BCCI

There is no role of Board of management for Cricket in India and International Cricket Council in the assignment of jersey or shirt variety to the cricketers. Cricketers of all countries, as well as India, select their jersey or shirt on their own.

No guidelines have been issued in this regard from the International Cricket Council and the respective board of the country. However, players got to confine mind that 2 players can’t have identical numbers in a very enjoying eleven. At present, India’s Kohli bears jersey variety eighteen, Dhoni bears seven variety and Rohit Sharma bears jersey numbers forty-five.

Sachin Tendulkar: Sachin Tendulkar’s jersey variety was ten that was chosen by himself as a result of it had been lucky for him. He had told that ten comes in his surname (Tendulkar), thus he chose ten number for his jersey or t-shirts.

When Tendulkar retired from cricket, then BCCI aforesaid that they need to retire the ten variety jersey additionally however in a match this variety was appointed to Shardul Thakur for debut match.

It must be unbroken in mind that the player of another country will wear the jersey of ten variety. Like Pakistan’s Afridi wears the jersey variety ten. Here it’s value to say that in football the ten variety jersey is appointed to team’s best player.

Virat Kohli: Virat Kohli unconcealed in an interview that he thought-about himself lucky by sporting a jersey variety eighteen. that is as a result of his father died on December eighteen, 2006. In an interview, Team India’s captain aforesaid that when sporting a shirt of eighteen, he feels as his father is around him. Kohli is sporting this eighteen variety jersey from his under-19 days.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni: Dhoni’s birthday is on seven July. Thus he had chosen seven as his jersey number. Dhoni loves soccer abundant and his favorite player Ronaldo’s jersey variety is also seven.

Rahul Dravid: Rahul Dravid accustomed wear shirt variety five within the period of time of his career, however when his wedding, he modified the quantity to nineteen, as a result of he believed that his mate is extremely lucky for him and her birthday comes on late nineteenth, and he believes that jersey variety nineteen facilitate him in basic cognitive process the date of birth of his mate.

Rohit Sharma: Rohit Sharma’s jersey variety is forty-five and his variety was chosen by his mother. Actually, Rohit’s lucky variety was nine, however, this variety has already been given to Parthiv Patel within the team. Thus he chose; four + five = nine on his mother’s suggestion. In fact, this variety has tried to be terribly lucky for Rohit, as a result of at now he has become the backbone of the Indian cricket team.

Virender Sehwag: within the period of time of his career Sehwag compete with jersey variety forty-four however this variety didn’t support him. On the suggestion of the astrologer; Sehwag started sporting a jersey variety forty-six however once this variety additionally didn’t prove lucky for him he started enjoying with none jersey variety.

Hardik Pandya: Team India’s all arounder Pandya’s jersey variety is 228. Actually, Hardik Pandya was enjoying under-16 match against Vadodara within which he scored 228 runs during this match to assure an enormous win to his team. Since then, Hardik includes a jersey variety 228.

Therefore, on the premise of the higher than facts, it will be aforesaid that the quantity of jersey of the Indian cricket team players is chosen by their own. it’s believed that there’s a type of superstitious notion behind the choice of the name and variety written on the jersey of the players. As you need to see the Dinesh Kartik prefers to put in writing D.K on his jersey. currently, we tend to hope that you just should understand that however the jersey variety of the cricketers is appointed.

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