Bacteria infected delivery kit supplied to government hospital in Assam; Itas G pharma continue to loot in NHM


At a time when Narendra Modi led BJP government at Centre has been giving importance for improving the public health care systems across the country, an opposite picture has been reflected in Assam’s public health care system as a section of top bureaucrats allegedly facilitating some dubious medical goods suppliers to pocket huge amount allocated for government health sector.

A case of supplying ‘bacteria infected delivery kit’ to government hospitals under the National Health Mission (NHM) in Assam came to light recently. The supplier of this poor and bacteria infected delivery kits were identified as M/s Itas G. Pharma, manufacturer / exporters / wholesale suppliers of medical equipment. The owner of this dubious firm is Rajendra Deorah.

After the supply of bacteria infected delivery kit to government hospitals, Rajendra Deorah’s M/s Itas G. Pharma was suited for blacklisting but NHM authority instead of taking any action on the controversial medical goods supply firm awarded a supply contract worth several crore rupees.

There were huge allegations against Rajendra Deorah owned M/s Itas G. Pharma of supplying poor quality of medical goods, equipments to government hospital under NHM during the reign of Congress government in the state. Deorah, a controversial face in the state health sector had allegedly formed racket in state NHM by offering huge amount as bribes to some top bureaucrats of the health mission.

Sources said that despite having dubious record of supplying bacteria infected delivery kit to government hospitals under NHM; the concerned authority had not blacklisted the M/s Itas G. Pharma but has been offering the controversial firm for more medical supply goods and equipments.

What was irony in the entire development is that state health minister Himanta Biswa Sarma though aware about all the dubious activities of M/s Itas G. Pharma in government run hospitals, the minister himself had not initiated even an inquiry against the controversial supply firm and its owner.

The supply of bacteria infected disposable delivery kit was come to light at Assam Medical College (AMC) , Dibrugarh. AMC in its own investigation and lab test had found the bacteria infected delivery kit, which was supplied by M/s Itas G. Pharma . Later executive director of NHM, Assam had issued official communiqué to health director of all districts and superintendent of all the Medical Colleges in the state not to use the M/s Itas G. Pharma supplied disposable delivery kit.

The firm had charged Rs. 800 /- against every disposable delivery kit supplied. The quality of items in kits was already proved of ‘low quality’ and not fit for use.

Disposable Delivery Kit is crucial for care of infant and pregnant woman.  This labor room pack is used in hospitals.  This kit contains essential products for the baby powder, baby oil, a mosquito net, a flannel cloth etc.

Previous allegations against the M/s Itas G. Pharma were that it had supplied of poor quality materials to government hospitals.

NHM sources said that only for having good contacts with Assam health minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, both the director of NHM, Assam- JVN Subramanan and executive director Achyut Baishya favoured dubious and controversial supply firm M/s Itas G. Pharma of Rajendra Deorah.

Recently, the controversial firm again awarded a supply contract of worth several crores rupees in government hospitals.

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