‘Bagh Hazarika is a Fictional Character’: Hindu Jagaran Manch on Lachit Divas

The Hindu Jagaran Manch, Assam Mahanagar Committee said that the character of Bagh Hazarika, the 17th century warrior who fought against the Mughals for the Ahom Kingdom is fictional.

The Hindu Jagaran Mancha took out a bike rally from Assam Engineering Institute (AEI) playground, Chandmari to Khanapara on the occasion of Lachit Divas.

The activist group has also carried a statue of Bir Lachit in a boat but there is no statue of the warrior, who is known for his valor. They said that Bagh Hazarika’s character is fictional.

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Bike Rally by Hindu Jagaran Mancha

“All the soldiers are symbolically represented by the members of Hindu Jagaran Mancha but the warrior of 17th century, Hazarika has been neglected saying that there is no such character called Bagh Hazarika,” the activist group said.

Symbolic Character of Bir Lachit in a Boat

There is no symbolic representation of the warrior during the bike rally of the Hindu Jagaran Mancha. “The government has emphasized on the character of Bagh Hazarika frpm 2001 to 2016 in order to give mandate. The character was created to tarnish the glory of Lachit Borphukan. If you study history, then you will come to know that there is no contribution of Bagh Hazarika,” said Hindu Jagaran Mancha.

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