Baghjan: Third Operation to Install BOP Successful

The third operation of the capping of Baghjan oil well continued as the expert team has set up the Blow out Preventer (BOP) on Monday. The operation is going on successfully till the filing of this report.

The expert team also tried to install the BOP on August 10 but due to some technical error it was uninstalled.

The OIL and the expert team said that once the BOP would be installed successfully, the capping of the oil well would be successful.

The OIL officials said that all bolts have bee placed and Athey wagon removed from BoP stack. Things are progressing well so far.

The officials stated that the capping has been done and the killing operation will be undertaken in 2-3 hours, which might take 24-36 hours.

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Operation underway to douse the flame
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