#Baghjan Well-Killing Operation Fails

Pic Courtesy: OIL

The Baghjan well killing failed as one of the valves gave away putting the entire operation into an uncertainty.

The attempt to conduct the Baghjan well-killing work today failed due to the blowout of the valve on the 13.3/8 casing, Oil India Limited (OIL) officials stated.

There are now two options. Option A means couple of weeks by exposing the casing and option B could be a relief well which could be few months.

The blowout of the valve led to the drilling mud to be pushed out of the borehole profusely. This has put the whole Baghjan operation in serious problem.

A relief well will take at least 2-3 months as the foundation will need 21 days and after that movement of the Oil rig depends on the availability as well as cooperation of the people of Baghjan.

The officials have stated that the next course of action would comprise further digging to expose the 133/8” casing/ flange or the drilling of a relief well. Relief wells are drilled to intersect oil or gas well that has experienced a blowout.

The well-killing operation is a risk involving one as the placement of a column of very dense fluid(s) into a wellbore is carried out in a bid to prevent the flow of gas.

The BOP was installed yesterday but the valve gave away when the well is being killed. Meanwhile, most of the top executives of the OIL are COVID-19 infected,creating another chaos in the decision making.

It has been 81 days (May 27) since the oil well at Baghjan in Tinsukia district had a major blowout.

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