Ballet Dance: A Popular Dance Form by Sally Bigland

Ballet Dance has been a very famous form of dance art and Ballet Dancer Sally Bigland had studied dance at the Royal Academy of Dance, London, and thereafter she has become a professional dancer at the age of 19. She performed in various parts of the world and later decided to start her own teaching profession.

Bigland taught dance in England for more than 10 years and she has been teaching Ballet Dance in UAE for more than 25 years.

Bigland’s aim is to spread the art of ballet dance to different parts of the world. “I went to many different parts of the country and teach dance which I love the most. I want to spread dance across the country and now in UAE also I taught many girls this Ballat dance which has become a most popular form of dance,” said Bigland.

Here is the full interview of Sally Bigland with Nandita Sarma:

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