Bangladesh paper criticizes Modi govt.; makes false statement


The Daily Nayadiganta newspaper in Bangladesh criticizes Prime Minister Narendra Modi led BJP government’s decision of pushing the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016. In an article published in the newspaper on January 19, criticized the BJP government in India for their move to grant citizenship based on religion.

The article, Modir Notun Bil : Assam u Bangladesh, published in the newspaper, while criticizing the PM Modi-led government in India made false claims and stated that around 40 lakh people living in Assam, have been proved as non-Indian citizens and, out of them, 18 lakh people are Hindu. The National Register of Citizens (NRC) has already identified 40 lakh people as non-indigenous or non-Indian.

The writer of the article even went on to say that excluding 18 lakh Hindu people, the remaining non-indigenous people, mostly Muslims, must accept that they are from Bangladesh. The article further stated that India will grant citizenship to 18 lakhs Hindus by Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, whereas the remaining non-indigenous people will be deported to Bangladesh.

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