Bangladesh To Have The Largest Ever Durga Puja


With other Eastern states gearing up for Durga Puja, Bangladesh will also celebrate the festival with much enthusiasm and fervor saying that it will be the largest ever puja in the world.

It is claimed that the puja mandap with 801 God and Goddesses’ in Sikder House at Bagerhat in Bangladesh will be the largest puja mandap in the world.

The organizer of the puja, renowned businessman of Bangladesh Liton Sikder said that this year the puja mandap with 801 idols will be the largest ever puja mandap. Unlike every year, the puja mandap which is prepared with 701 spectacular idols gets greatest Durga Puja recognition will also get recognition this year as well as it will be prepared with 801 idols.

Liton Sikder, a businessman from Hakimpur village of Khanpur union, has been holding the biggest Durga Puja, not only of Bagerhat but also of South Asia for the past eight years.

Every year the number of idols increases and this year the tally stands at 801.

A local sculptor named Bijoy Krishna Bachar said: “15 sculptors have been working for the last five months to make the idols of the deities of four ages depicted in the pantheons of Ramayana and Mahabharata.”

“They are almost done with their final paint work on the idols”, he added. He said that visitors from across the world come to witness this puja and this year also it will not be different.

Locals are happy that their village has earned fame for “Sikder Barir Puja.”

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