Bangladeshi detainees to be freed soon


All the Bangladeshi detainees in Assam will be freed soon as the government of Assam has issued a notification regarding the conditional release of declared foreigners from Detention Centres in Assam. The notification was released by the Home department of Assam government on Monday and it stated several provisions for the conditional release of foreigners from Detention Centres in Assam.

According to the notification the Home and Political Department of the Assam Government can release declared foreigner who has completed more than three years in Detention Centres only after the execution of bond with two sureties of Rs. 1,00,000 each of Indian citizens.

Further, the notification stated that the biometric of the declared foreigner and all ten fingerprint and photos would be captured and stored in a secured datatbase before release from the Detention Centres. The notification also stated that the declared foreigner will have to report once every week to the Police Station specified by the Home and Political department and he or she should specify a verifiable address of stay after release. The declared foreigner would have to notify any change of address to the specified Police Station on the same day.

Meanwhile, the notification asked the Superintendent of Police (Border) to submit a quarterly report to the Home and Political Department regarding the appearances of such declared foreigners to the specified Police Station.

In case of violation of the conditions, the declared foreigner would be arrested and detained in the Detention Centre.

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