“Ghushpethiyas” do not have to return: Modi

The Bangladeshis or “Ghuspethiyas” living in India illegally do not have to return to Bangladesh and some kind of arrangement shall be done for them.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi formally informed this. to his counterpart of Bamgladesh Ms Sheikha Hasina.

This has triggered wild jubilation amongst the suspected Bangladeshi community in Assam, while AASU and other pressure groups, which have been making a living out of the foreigner’s issue for past 40 years, are scratching their head for next course of action.

This startling development came to light when the Bangladesh Polictical Adviser to the Prime Minister H.T.Imam formally announced last night before World Media at Dhaka. He infact added that Mr Modi personally gave the assurance to Ms Hasina.

After Rohingiya crisis, Bangladesh was fearing a similar inflow will take place from Assam as NRC was taking its final shape and sought an assurance from India that nothing of that sort would happen.

The NRC Excluded people will not be deported to Bangladesh. This was formally assured by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Bangladesh counterpart Sheikh Hasina.

Bangladesh last night formally announced that it received assurance from Prime Minister Narendra Modi that NRC excluded people would not be deported to Bangladesh.


“Prime Minister Modi has personally assured our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina that those not on the NRC list of Assam would not be sent to Bangladesh in the near future” said H .T.Imam political adviser of Prime Minister Sehikh Hasina.


The Prime Minister’s assurance have made it clear that NRC was gong to be an election Jhumla for BJP as India would work the Work Permit on those who would be excluded from the NRC.


This is noteworthy that Bangladesh is going to election in next few months and India is desperate not to lose a friendly regime, after losing almost all the neighborhoods to regime which are not so friendly with India.


The Prime Minister’s reported assurances directly contradict BJP President Amit Shah’s “Ghushethetiya” comment in the Parliament. It is now increasingly clear that after obtaining the NRC final figure, India will most likely give work permit to those excluded in the NRC.


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